Silbiger Lab @ CSUN
Quantitative Marine Ecology
Coastal Marine Ecosystems
Global Change Biology
Quantitative Ecology
I am passionate about using new and creative data analysis techniques and I am continuously expanding my quantitative toolbox.  I have a nerdy love for coding (mostly R and MATLAB) and am an avid supporter of open-source data and data tools.
To date, all of my research has taken place in coastal marine ecosystems including tropical coral reefs, salt marshes, tropical hard-bottom reefs, kelp forests, and rocky intertidal communities.  I aim to better understand coastal marine community and ecosystem processes. 
The CO2 that we are emitting into the atmosphere is causing devastating consequences for marine ecosystems world-wide. A large component of my research addresses the impact of climate change stressors (mainly ocean acidification and warming) on coastal marine ecosystems.
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